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What whole house water filters work best?

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We provide FREE water purifier information. We teach people what water filters are best and how to compare water filtration systems so they get the best home water purifier at the right price!


Types of Water Filtration Systems

The two most common and practical types of water filter systems on the market today are carbon filters and reverse osmosis systems. Well water home filtration systems are a great way to ensure that the water from your well is clean and free from impurities and bacteria.

   See the other sidebar for more information about Carbon and Reverse Osmosis Systems and how they work.






How do home water filtration systems work and what whole house water filters work best?

Compare Water Filters

We compare Water Filtration Systems so you get the best deal on a water filter for your home! Plus, you will save up to 50% off the cost of your home water filter when you know how to get the best filter for the best price.

     It seems like every day there is another story in the news about water contamination. People getting sick from eating lettuce and salad vegetables because the water they were washed in is contaminated.

    Even more frightening are reports that heart disease, cancer, gastro-intestinal illnesses and even death can result from contamination in our water.   Some of these contaminants are even added to water to protect our health.

    Studies have shown since the 1960s that the chlorination of drinking water increases the risk of developing heart disease and cancer.

    What about chemicals and drugs?  Have you heard the reports of household chemicals and drugs contaminating our drinking water?  Then there are the heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria, cysts and chlorine disinfection by-products and the impact these may have on your familys health.

    Home water filtration systems can go a long way to removing the potentially dangerous contaminants - whether you are on a public water supply or use a private well.  You just have to know what whole house water filters work best. 

    Chlorinated water leaves behind chemicals that have been proven to cause cancer.  These chemicals are even recognized as dangerous and are regulated by the EPA.

   Well water that is not chlorinated can create its own set of problems. Untreated well water can contain dangerous bacteria and chemical compounds causing a bad odor from the water - or worst - make you and your family sick.  If you get your water from a well, you may be wondering about whole house well water filter systems.

    Once you have begun using a water filtration system you will rest easier knowing that:

  • You have filtered over 500 dangerous contaminants from your water including bacteria, mercury, lead, arsenic and chlorine to name just a few

  • Your family will not become ill from bacteria and chemicals in your water
  • Your children will not suffer from impaired mental or physical development because of lead poisoning from the water in your home
  • You have taken steps to protect yourself and your family from heart disease, cancer, gastro-intestinal illness and even death caused by bacteria, heavy metals and minerals

  • You have eliminated the household chemicals and drugs that have found their way into the water supply
  • Your water has no odor, isn't cloudy, doesn't smell and will not leave rust stains on fixtures or clothing

     The type of solution you choose will depend on your budget and the level or protection you want to install in your home.  Our links to specific filter types will help you decide which type of filter systems is right for you.

    We compare the best home water purifier systems for you and evaluate what water filters are best for the price.

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Activated Carbon filter devices use carbon filter cartridges that absorb a variety of substances, including chlorine, pathogenic organisms and chlorine disinfection by-products (THMs and DBPs) which can be harmful when consumed and also when absorbed through the skin. Carbon filter units are available for your faucet mounted, in-line for your refrigerator, fixed or hand-held shower units, counter top or under sink and even water bottle and drinking straw filtersCarbon water filters are great whole home systems and are also used in specific locations throughout your home - i.e. the kitchen faucet, your shower or mounted in-line for the ice maker on your refrigerator.

Reverse Osmosis water filtration systems will remove a more diverse list of contaminants than carbon filter systems - such as nitrates, sodium and other dissolved compounds. Reverse osmosis systems are more costly because they require in-line installation and a pre-filter to remove dirt and sediment. In a reverse osmosis filtration unit a back-flush system may be employed to prevent build up of contaminants in the system - the back-flushing wastes about 2 gallons of water for each gallon it filters (a disadvantage of using a reverse osmosis system).  Reverse osmosis water filtration is available for filtering water throughout your whole home or at the kitchen faucet (under counter systems).

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